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About Us

"The wound is the place where the light enters" - Rumi 


Our Story

Soul Station Retreats Spain is mission of Maneesha Sluyzer (1980). After a traumatic accident and near death experience at the age of 26, she searched for a retreat to recover. She couldn't find a spiritual retreat where she would be understand with her psychic abilities and the trauma that needed to be healed. So it became a vision to open her own retreat centre one day where she could guide people in a retreat with all kinds of questions and spiritual development.


Maneesha calls herself a Soul whisperer and works together with her soul team; "the masters of the light", her guide Aurealis (angelic) and Hubert (ET). She helped over a duizend people in her work as a therapist, healer, medium, yoga/dance teacher and qhht practitioner. She had her own therapeutic yoga centre in Holland, Utrecht. Now she works and lives in the south of Spain with Soul Station Retreats. This is a soul guided place where you can come for deep healing, transformation, love and light. 

Maneesha and her soul team are guiding you in the retreats/sessions to find the connection with self to Being You. It is about Embodiment, Empowerment and Consciousness. Remember who you are and take your place in the cirkel of light. Together with other co-creators your souls journey will deepen and give you more information about yourself so your human frequency will match your soul's frequency and there will be union.

We are here to provide you guidance and inspiration on your journey in our own unique way.

The house is a bedding in nature and the mountains and sea view all give you the experience you need right now.


Divine timing is here for you to come home and find your safe and strong place again inside yourself. 

Meet The Team

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