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Vision, Goal, Mission

Let us share with you our vision of Soul Station Home

Vision, Goal, Mission


A 'new world' in which man understands and lives the calling of his soul. Where humanity is conscious, healthy and happy. Where there is a sacred connection with body, mind, soul, mother earth, nature, animals, humanity and the universal laws.


Inspired living from the love consciousness in the divine energy. Bringing together, awakening and guiding people internationally, co-creators and leaders of the new world to integrate and spread the love consciousness throughout the world so that humanity awakens and understands the higher purpose of why they are on Earth.


By being together for a 'longer period' and living in the conscious divine energy, the love consciousness is experienced and embodiment and therefore integrated more quickly. Through being together there is growth, support, human healing, enlightenment, light and love. Due to the daily offer, transformation and consciousness take place on all levels of the human being.

Soul Station as a spiritual organization

I, Maneesha, feel a calling to establish Soul Station as an organization and make the world a better place. There are missing places where people can open up in truth. In many courses you become something or you learn a trade. At Soul Station, people are central. The life and personal story of man, is the education. Growth and awareness take time. Many people feel alone in their lives and need support and support to make changes. People are not healed of the chaos in the head after 1 mindfulness course. 1 yoga class a week contributes to a strong and flexible body, but yoga has a deeper healing power. Soul Station is unique in the concept of offering people a trajectory to work on themselves and be themselves. It's a school to be who you are. Not to become anyone or anything. In working together with groups, the social aspect is widely available and we learn to communicate and connect non-violently. You learn to connect from your own talents, gifts and strengths. You learn how to communicate from the heart instead of pain.


Spiritual platform | community | forum

Soul Station fulfills the wishes of today's people. Everyone knows deep down what their needs are. The path of self-realization is a path to fully being who you are. Life processes, no one walks this path alone.

An important part of Soul Station is the community where people work with different people as a platform to create a home. Focused on coming together, connecting and sharing love. The community is a non-profit organization. The money is used to support various charities and we make it possible to support and set up other projects.


The necessity of Soul Station

The world is in one of the greatest transitions in history. We are transforming from an old world to a New World. From a system in which people are made dependent on their fear to a system of independence and unconditional love. With the technology of the Internet in this modern age, we have access to knowledge, information and wisdom that is revealed in various ways. When we talk about spirituality and awakening we have the ability to deepen the inner journey and come home to our heart. Spiritual guides located all over the world can be reached online through the internet and are sending out their energy to awaken humanity. It is a turbulent time in which it is important to join forces and bring people together to live inspired, in connection with each other, to build this New World.

Maneesha is a channel where the energy of the New World is present and where people can come home to understand the calling of their soul. People can relax there, heal their deep pain, develop mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically, awaken spiritually and hear, feel and learn to propagate their own inner leadership. Maneesha is an Intermediate Station for some and an End Station for many. There where man is ready to break free from all old structures of power, manipulation and fear and where man is ready to serve the greater whole.


Maneesha Sluyzer, one of the spiritual guides who works in a unique way with her soul team. The message she gets is that planet earth is a 'station' full of souls. A temporary place where you live and can remember who you are. You are essentially a multidimensional being with a self-healing ability and a soul with a mission. At this time it is important that more spiritual guides come and carry out their mission. The mission to help build the new world. To build the new world we need inspired leaders, who understand their soul mission, dare to stand in their power and have the tools at their disposal to share their knowledge and wisdom of their soul with humanity.


Mission Soul Station

Soul Station's mission is self-realization so that people live together happily, peacefully and consciously. Soul Station believes in a healthy lifestyle in which people - with and without setbacks - can go through life vital, energetic, clear and with peace of mind and body. As soon as people are happy and calm, this has a positive effect on the environment and relationships. In this way Soul Station creates a snowball effect in society and contributes to more peace on earth, maintaining the self-healing capacity of humans, nature and its elements. In order to achieve self-realization, man must be healed on all four levels. By working, healing, healing and growing on all levels, people are addressed on multiple aspects of the personality and own abilities in order to achieve a state of happiness. Man and society are conditioned in pain and fear. Soul Station pays attention to people and creates time and space so that people return to the basics, in trust and love.


Vision Soul Station

Soul Station believes that a better world starts with the individual. By gaining insight and awareness into your own behavioral and thought patterns, change takes place. The power of the mind is so great that the change in mindset leads to a different lifestyle. There is a choice in consciousness to choose vitality and live a balanced life. Body, soul and spirit are one and all three affect each other. They can't live without each other. The trick is to see this, to experience it. As soon as this connection is understood, a different way of listening, feeling and seeing arises. This integration takes place and this is how essentially internal and external communication takes place.

Soul Station is a bridge for people today. Soul Station is the base, the source, where people can recharge themselves and come home. Soul Station creates a foundation for people so that they are able to heal themselves and others by growing personally and getting used to a new lifestyle. Man is introduced to spirituality as part of the "new" consciousness and the new children possess a wisdom with information that many people have to grow with. Soul Station introduces people to spirituality as a normal and natural process of everyday life. It transforms spirituality into integration of the self.

Soul Station offers training in small groups. In this, people are invited more quickly to personal growth. People spend less money and time for faster results. Soul Station believes that life can be lived without stress. Stress is the number one factor of absenteeism due to illness in the Netherlands and the rest of Western society. Stress can be reduced by creating a healthier lifestyle together with the knowledge of responsible eating. Organic and responsible food is expensive for many, but when we can eat together and people can sit down for a good meal, then it is possible for everyone. Soul Station offers people an opportunity to sit down for a good meal, work together, take care of each other and thus create a community, a community.

In addition to private individuals, Soul Station advises the business world to keep people healthy in the workplace and to reduce stress. Organizations are informed about a new approach to exercise and nutrition. A different lifestyle with yoga, meditation, being outdoors and breathing calmly. Soul Station connects the business world with nature and the true nature of man. Soul Station offers business trajectories to link spiritual entrepreneurs to the organization and to stand strong together. For many small entrepreneurs it is "survival" in society. Soul Station offers support, growth and cooperation in entrepreneurship and guiding people from essence. "Together we are strong"

Soul Station's Ambition

Soul Station makes people healthy and happy and forms a connected society. New lifestyles and visions of life are being created in which trust and love are the basis of a healthy, happy and balanced life. The people experience that healing and healing is not in medicine, pills, hard work, punishment and reward and continuing. They are aware that the key and answers are within themselves. Man reunites with the connectedness, the essence of himself and life. The organization offers people a natural recovery and growth process with the confidence to eliminate the signs and symptoms that can be treated. The offer is tailor-made, clear, well-arranged, affordable and clear. Due to the working method, many people are supervised and the organization is an inspiration for colleagues in the area.

In the coming years, there will be an increasing shift from individual society to a more collective society. Health insurers are cutting back on healthcare and people are looking for a quick, cheaper and compact way of recovering quickly and getting healthy. Soul Station shows people that they are not dependent on the government, but that they are in control of their own health.

Love Maneesha Sluyzer

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