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Maneesha Sluyzer

Owner, soul whisperer, spiritual mentor, yogini, channeler, therapist, medium





Diseminado Diseminados, 523, 29752, Sayalonga, Málaga




A Bit About Me

My passion is to work with the divine energy because it makes me happy and it feels like magic. I wish for everybody to feel and encounter a moment of divine magic and so that the heart is healed and love is embodied. I work together with my higher self, my spirit team and other beings like "the masters of the light". In my sessions we raise the energy so you are in this sacred space to encounter and connect to your spiritual gifts, talents, higher self and guides. 

You can come and book:

A retreat with me

A personal coaching session for 30 or 60 minute

An energy and aura reading

A channeling

Join event like embodiment yoga, satsang, ceremonies and more on youtube and my website.

Life isn't always easy, but stop surviving and start living

Together we grow


BEING ME: I have been working with people for over 20 years now. I started my career as a dance teacher and then found my way as a posture and movement therapist. I learned that pain in the body is stored energy. By moving, breathing, awareness, attention and a gentle touch, the body releases energy and can thus start the healing path of pain.


I became a haptotherapist and yoga teacher and learned that people are sentient beings who feel connected to themselves, others and the world around them. When the ability to connect is not well developed or damaged, it becomes difficult to connect with the other person, but also with yourself. You often see that thinking takes precedence, which makes you feel removed from yourself. This can lead to dissatisfaction, unrest, disrupted relationships and the development or worsening of physical and/or psychological complaints.


My work brings you into contact with your feelings and aims to bring balance between thinking, feeling and doing.


I was born psychic, have been through a lot and worked with the traumas of many people. After much loss in my life, an accident and a near death experience, my soul search began to deepen and divine love came my way. I developed my medium and healing abilities in a mediumship school. 3 years ago I started channeling with my spirit guides Aurealis and Hubert. I have been working with hypnosis for 6 years, specifically Dolores Cannon's quantum healing hypnosis technique. I have guided many people to connect with their higher selves, source and past and other dimensional lives, achieving many deep healings, transformations and new consciousness with them.


I work with my spirit team and I have the ability to see, feel and hear you through another consciousness. I intuitively tune in to you as a person and your soul. As a result, I receive information about you that you cannot access yourself or that is just your blind spot. My work is completely tailored to you and I do not follow a protocol or a fixed program. I work with you in the moment and tune in with you to the information I feel, hear and see resonate with you and then we will work with that.


It is about contact, connection, awareness, because good contact, both with yourself and with other people, contributes to a meaningful (together) life. We are here to build a new world and all we have to do is awaken the soul and remember who you are and why you are here.


You are here for a reason and you are worthy of love

Work Experience












Dance teacher & sport instructor

Posture and movement therapist


Yoga studio - yoga &pilates teacher

Medium, healer, reader

Owner of Yoga therapeutic centre Utrecht- Netherlands

Qhht Practitioner


Owner of Soul Station Retreats Spain

Owner of Posture & movement | haptotherapy practice Utrecht

Author of autobiography " I am love" in dutch written

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