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Sun, 11 Jun



Business retreat: Spiritual business and inspired living

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Business retreat: Spiritual business and inspired living
Business retreat: Spiritual business and inspired living

Time & Location

11 Jun 2023, 12:00 – 17 Jun 2023, 12:00

Sayalonga, 29752 Sayalonga, Málaga, Spanje

About the event

​“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” — Buddha

Spiritual business retreat: Spirited leadership and inspired living

Divine abundance and life mission

You came to earth with a mission and a purpose. There are different ways to propagate and shape your life mission. With age comes wisdom. With trial and error comes perfection, with creation comes focus and with manifesting comes connection. To be successful you need focus, attention and intention. Great people who empower you, support you and give you vision. No one can do it alone and sometimes there comes a time when you feel like you are stuck. have a blackout, need rest, a mirror or need to reshuffle the cards.

Feminine qualities are perfect to be successful in business and masculine energy is necessary to be goal oriented. How do you keep your business and private balance? Do you keep things separate from each other or are you a unity in body, mind and soul?

In spiritual entrepreneurship belongs the desire to fully embrace yourself, your greatness, your vulnerability, your dreams, desires and vision. Positive living and spiritual entrepreneurship is staying present in the dark and light. Trusting your higher self and soul, that you can carry out your life mission and are fully supported by your soul team.

In this retreat:

Do you reconnect with your higher consciousness and the relationship with your source self.

Feel the transcendent love of your soul and dwell in loving perceiving consciousness so that you can create from the quantum field.

Make your new focus, goals, affirmations to embody divine abundance

Do you free yourself from emotional ballast of the past to stand in your strength again

Do you recover in peace and love to keep balance between your private and business life

This retreat is about consciousness and awareness. Through body work, mindfulness and energy work you move on different layers that open you up and remind you where you may still be blocking yourself. You learn to give words and expression to what is there, what comes in intuitively, so that you too can restore, heal and transform your body and mind on a deep level. You feel, you recognize, you realize and you know.

It's a special journey inward where you are lovingly mirrored, confronted, so that you go home with a positive mindset, fulfilled, amazed, full of new goals, energy and focus. In your strength, connected, centered with your soul and with a new consciousness you will continue your life. By working with others you immediately receive messages that you can work with. You also reinforce each other because you get messages through and you mirror each other in growth and consciousness.

To collaborate

The special thing about these retreats is that they are tailor-made. The retreat is tailored to your needs and desires, which we will clarify during an extensive intake. There is no protocol or 'strict' program. We work together and feel every day what it takes for you to achieve your goals for which you came. Whether you come alone or together with others. It is about and about you and your themes. You may be attending a retreat with others and trust that the Universe is bringing people together for a reason.

It is not a relaxing holiday, but there is peace and relaxation through the inner work you do.

In this retreat you get:

Bodywork such as: gentle yoga, breathwork, meditation, mantra, dance, siesta, relaxation and sleep

Mindfulness: coaching, sound healing, process work

Soul empowerment: trance meditations, ceremonial cacao, silence, nature, energy work, great spirit ceremony, mother earth and fire ritual.

It is already heart opening and grounding just to be here in the villa surrounded by the mountains, the sea, the sun, the animals. Just by being here, you are giving space to your heart and the transformation you are waiting for. Be gentle and let the energy guide you. Trust the process of surrender and work with your higher self to open and heal. You are at the right time, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people.

Unique to these retreats is the collaboration with me, Maneesha and my soul team. Because you are present in my house, you immediately step into the divine energy of us. I am connected to the masters of light and work with the energy of mother earth and great spirit. Being here and working together makes it easier for you to connect with your higher self and the divine energy. You discover your divine self and how this feels and communicates with you.

Give yourself the love you deserve and book this retreat.

The retreat

You are present in this retreat with a small group (2-4 people). Attention is paid to you and your stories. You will feel understood and supported. Through different conversations you come to beautiful insights that help you to think and feel more positively. I have developed a unique method that helps you to release blockages: mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. I work with the kundalini Shakti energy that helps you get out of your comfort zone, embody your soul and empower you.


The food is vegetarian/vegetable. Lots of fruit and vegetables and there is always something delicious baked with natural sugars. There are choices in food, adapted to what you do and do not eat and possible dietary wishes, such as smoothies, fruit salads, smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, rice dishes, things from the Ayurvedic kitchen, salads, bread with dips, tasty soups and everything is homemade and organic. It can be gluten free or sugar free. And especially our own organic eggs from our own chickens!

Me time

You have space to yourself to write, walk, swim, have a good sleep, cuddle with the cats or go down and take a beach walk by the sea. There are nice places around the house where you can be alone and have a view of the sea.

Wake up energy

In the morning we start with quiet yoga postures that will bring you to deep relaxation. You learn to be present with the feeling of what is without it taking possession of you every time. Through slow breathing, your body opens up more, which makes you physically more relaxed, you feel more connected and you will feel fitter.

“By moving quietly you sink from your head to your body and you can feel the denial blocks you've been holding inside yourself. The body stores memories and when you direct your attention and your breath inwards, you soften and the language stored within you opens up. Anger can be released here, sadness and also joy that it can get out and get space. You can laugh and cry at the same time. It is important that you feel that you have a bottom and with a calm yoga posture you will experience your own bottom and firmness in your body, so that you can let memories pass in peace (they then no longer have much impact on you). Pain is something you have experienced in the past and not something you have to experience every day. Often you have another story or experiences that would like recognition that the pain and loss is sincere, honest, pure and true. Everything you feel is truth.

When you feel the firmness within yourself and clear the way through breath, rest and relaxation, positive feelings also have time and space to be seen, felt and heard by yourself and they can get a place. This is how you make room for a new start, a new future where there is peace and tranquility in what has happened. Acceptance and patience in your process and life and you can trust yourself again. You feel and experience the positive path that has set you free and you will really understand what you can do to experience more connection, joy and peace in your life.”

Free yourself from old pain, blockages and uncertainty and experience pleasure and abundance

After retreat:

Do you feel more peace and self love

You are connected to yourself

Your thoughts are calm and positive

Do you have inspiration on how you want to continue in your life?

Do you feel that a backpack or a burden has fallen off you

A week you will never forget and knowledge you can use forever.


Group price €1375,-

Individual room €1675,-

Individual retreat €1595,-

Price includes:

6 nights

Program with 4 hours working together with me, Maneesha


Breakfast lunch dinner

Water, tea, coffee





Gas, water, light, final cleaning

Bed linen, sheet set, 2 towels


Transport and flight

Food and drink outside the program

Field trips

Including present on location:

Yoga mat

Yoga bolsters

Meditation pillow


Yoga block and rope

Fleece blankets

Singing bowls

Drawing supplies and paper Shampoo


Sunscreen (€15,-)

coconut oil

Body lotion (€5,-)

Swimming pool (swimming in the sea and pool is possible from May to November)

5 cats (anti-allergenic cats. Short-haired and non-allergic. Very friendly)

7 chickens



It is an alcohol and smoke free location




Taxi airport-house

A taxi will be waiting for you when you land at Malaga airport

A shared taxi for 2 people is €30 one way and for 1 person €75.

A van can be ordered with 4 people, which costs € 21 one way

When you go home, the taxi will pick you up and take you to the airport

To and from the house

If you want to make excursions from the house, there is a taxi that can take you. This will cost you around €15/€25 per single journey. Walking to the villages is around 60-90 minutes, I do not recommend walking to the village. You can walk in the mountains.


From Malaga airport there is a 5 minute train that takes you to Malaga bus station. There is a bus that leaves at 11.30am to Sayalonga and takes an hour. One of us will then pick you up at the bus station.

The bus costs €4 and the train €4, so for a single journey you will spend around €10.

Own transport

You can always rent your own car or share it with someone. At Malaga airport there are a few transport companies from which you can choose. Via you can rent cheap cars from € 20 per day.

More info:

When booking you will receive an invoice and an invitation for a zoom appointment. Through the zoom appointment we have an intake and I will discuss the ins and outs with you. You will receive booking conditions and a pdf with information you can think about and what you can take with you . For the retreat we have contact via whatsapp.

Love Maneesha


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    From €1,375.00 to €1,555.00
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