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Retreats Spain: Heal to love, heal to empower

Join me on a journey of spiritual deepening and development with my small group retreats in Spain, where you can escape the noise of the world and find peace within.

I am inviting you in my private villa in the South of Spain where you can deepen your connection with self and spirt. Relax your body and mind by slowing down, going inside, nourish your soul with yoga, siesta's and healthy food to centre yourself back to the alignment with love.


The energy you will receive is through nature, the silence, meditation, breath work, cacao & fire ceremony, music, dance, drums, singing and being with like minded. Together with 4 other people you will draw back from the outside world to heal from trauma, pain, fear or burn out. You will connect in these 6 days with your soul power to celebrate life with love. 

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What you can choose

The private villa in Sayalonga Spain - Malaga


The sea view


The livingroom


The house


Mango tree guest room


The terrace and pool


Sea view guest room


Jenny, 48 jaar

Great person and great place.
I came here because I lost myself and experienced pain and the necessary.
Maneesha opened up from the first moment, which immediately made it feel safe and trusted. From the moment I got there it just made sense. She showed me who I am!! Yes it was work and I went through difficult parts I felt pain I cried I cried but I also laughed a lot (together with Maneesha) I went through everything.
Maneesha made me feel safe to go through this together with her.
Words can hardly explain what it was like. It was familiar and wonderful. The whole stay there with her was an experience with insights that I will take with me forever.
I can wish it on everyone

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