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Connect to peace and love inside
Make time for yourself to calm down & connect to the love consciouness

Soul Station retreats Palm
Soul Station Retreats Villa

Unique in Soul Station Retreats, you can book your own personal theme for the retreat. With 1 or 2 other persons you will dive deep in 6 days and 5 nights in the

South of Spain

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If you are looking for:

Personal attention
Deepening your process
Deep rest and relaxation
Answers and insights
Support and empowerment
Silence, nature, animals, healthy food
Like minded, heart to heart and loving contact

Small group


Choose your personal retreat

Small Group 2-3 people  | 6 days and 5 nights

Spiritual deepening

Trauma healing

Burn out recovery 

Conscious inspired leadership

Love relationships

Processing grieve and loss 

Retreats South Spain

Heal to love, heal to empower

I am inviting you in my private villa in the South of Spain to deepen your connection to self and spirit. Relax your body and mind by slowing down, going inside and nourish your soul by doing gentle yoga, healthy food and siesta. Centre yourself back to the alignment with love, positive thoughts and feelings. 


The energy you will receive is through being here in nature, silence, meditation, breath work, cacao & fire ceremony, music, dance, drums, singing and like minded.


Together with 1 or 2 other people we will draw back from the outside world and heal from trauma, pain, fear, insecurity and burn out. You will connect in these 6 days with love, your soul, your inner power and your emotions. Feel alive again, hear the calling of your soul and celebrate life with love.

What makes this retreat so special is that you live with me and my life style. When you feel like home you share in different settings your story and the positive and negative details of your life. The light and the dark. 

The deepest transformation mostly happens in the time that you are alone, where you reflect and realize what just happend.

I invite you to share time with me so I can empower you, guide you to communicate from your heart, to understand the lanquage of your soul and to follow the calling of your heart.


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